Moyea Web Player Premium

Moyea Web Player Premium 2.4

Moyea Web Player Premium is a graphical program for customizing...

Moyea Web Player Premium is a graphical program for customizing skinning flash video player for website. With it, you could easily customize flash video player like YouTube player for your website to play flash videos, stream videos, live videos and SMIL presentations.

Also, use this Moyea Web Player Premium, you can easily add your own Ads or network Ads inside or over videos for playing on website to earn cash.

To using this Moyea Web Player, you can enjoy many useful key features:Beautiful Flash Video Web Player Customizing Features: 1. Customize flash video player for website with only a few mouse-clicks, and the player supports to play flash videos, live videos, streaming videos and SMIL presentations.

2. Custom player from both software and generated html file directly3. Easily add and replace flash videos for the web player to play from both software and created Xml file directly4.

Add any numbers of flash videos to the website for the flash video player to play5. Provide diversiform extremely beautiful player skins for customizing flash video player 6.

Flash video player controls are easily turned on and off7. Easily capture beautiful and representative screenshots and add for displaying video list8.

User-friendly interface without complicated program knowledgeMultiple Forms of Advertising Features:1. Easily insert any numbers of advertisements with types of flash video, SWF, images into the flash video to play2.

Advertise with SWF and image (gif, jpg, png) file on the reserved users define area for your business purpose3. Advertise business info via setting links for navigation at end and on clickAdvanced Features:1.

Moyea Web Player Premium


Moyea Web Player Premium 2.4